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Day changed to 2023-10-01
[15:05] jfw: whaack: ok, thanks for the update, there's still some time to decide
[16:01] whaack: jfw: how is the eczema, by the way?
[17:36] whaack: sstacks: how's it going? I was thinking just now how valuable it would be if you made a blog. You could write about a lot of the concepts we learned in the class in Spanish. That would be quite valuable for me to read and for others as well, as there may be certain concepts where you are the only native Spanish speaker who even knows about them.
Day changed to 2023-10-02
[15:22] jfw_travel: whaack: pretty much unchanged from , it mostly heals up then flares up again every week or two.
[15:22] sourcerer: 2023-09-11 17:05:40 (#jwrd) jfw: my fingers seem perhaps to heal faster between fresh bouts of blistering, which basically means getting to heal at all; but at five weeks out of the swampy climate now and two or three of those fresh bouts during the interval, it seems unlikely that the climate was the only or even controlling factor.
[15:31] jfw_travel: boy this is a lazy irc client, that or the iphone generally isn't up to the simple task. disconnects as soon as it sleeps/screen locks
[15:32] whaack: Let me know if you ever find a good client for the dumbphones, I never had any luck
[15:33] whaack: Sorry to hear about the eczema
[15:35] jfw_travel: I guess the takeaway is it would help me to spend more time outside the swamp, but won't be a complete fix.
[15:36] jfw_travel: and I probably should do a bit more traveling anyway
[15:38] jfw_travel: an sstacks blog sounds cool too, and we could help at various levels as needed
[16:02] whaack: Noting here that when I plug in the FUCKGOATS USB to the port on the right side of the computer I can't plug the USB all the way in or else I lose the green light. Also the top port on the left side was not working at all.
[16:30] jfw_travel: whaack: do I recall this is a thinkpad you got from us some years back?
[16:31] jfw_travel: there's a step we added at some point to stiffen the usb port spring contacts as this was a common problem
[16:38] jfw_travel: they're located opposite the tab/tongue that holds the internal contacts, across the gap. you need something thin and pointy but sufficiently stiff, to get under those "fingers" and pry them upwards, just a little should be enough, then the port will grip the plugs firmly again.
[17:37] whaack: Yes you recall correctly, thanks for the advice
[17:46] dorion: -- alright, cool. let's coordinate to settle the payment.
[17:46] sourcerer: 2023-09-30 16:01:58 (#jwrd) whaack: jfw: wanted to ping letting you know I'm thinking about the best time to start the next course. My thought is maybe to move my 'Christmas' plans to earlier or postpone them. I'm leaning towards postponing, with the idea of starting the course in early November if that works for you.
[17:50] whaack: dorion: alright. I think I can send the payment by Sunday. Why don't you PGP me the address and amount?
[17:59] dorion: whaack, alright, will do.
[18:03] whaack: How are things goin? I enjoyed reading this one very much
[18:08] whaack: dorion: links to in your article , it seems there is an error there
[20:06] dorion: whaack, thanks. in the original I linked thewhet, not sure how trilema leaked into the data conversion. it's fixed now.
Day changed to 2023-10-03
[18:45] whaack: jfw and dorion: Do you guys notice how the footnotes on our blog mess up the spacing in between new lines? It's subtle but pretty distracting
[18:46] whaack: I think it's a little bit more pronounced on mine
[18:46] whaack: our blogs*
[20:06] whaack:
Day changed to 2023-10-04
[20:33] jfw: - what I noticed on mine (and makes me grumble every time, but so far not enough to give a thorough look) is that subsequent paragraphs in a footnote - any past the first - show in a smaller typeface.
[20:33] sourcerer: 2023-10-03 18:45:59 (#jwrd) whaack: jfw and dorion: Do you guys notice how the footnotes on our blog mess up the spacing in between new lines? It's subtle but pretty distracting
[20:34] jfw: whaack: I don't see the same on yours though so could you perhaps describe further or show an example? the two themes have pretty divergent code/styling
[22:04] jfw: whaack: the question-format restatement of your example exercise would be "What do the ps and top commands display?" and the "running" was supposed to add even more clarity/precision but seems to have lead your interpretation astray
[22:07] jfw: (referring to except it's not selecting)
[22:26] jfw: I suspect it's a valid criticism in general that the short-form exercises need some attention; they're not my favorite thing to do and sometimes got pushed to the last minute or otherwise farmed out. I've always disliked homework on the receiving side and perhaps have carried that attitude along to the giving side. But, curious to see what's up in this particular example while we're here; does
[22:26] jfw: that rephrase give you a better idea? (it's not "less")
[22:35] jfw: 2
[22:36] jfw: ^ back from unreliable kvm type A to unreliable kvm type B :/
Day changed to 2023-10-05
[02:11] whaack: HAHAHA
[02:12] whaack: That was a genuine mistake, I see the answer is 'processes' now.
[02:13] whaack: Well, case in point. But it's true that this is a nit pick of the course, it's not a big deal.
[02:14] whaack: I see my answer is wrong now that I've checked, even with my misinterpretation.
[15:52] jfw: whaack: then is the nit pick / pet peeve about fill-in-the-blank format altogether, or just that too many of them seemed ambiguous?
[18:13] whaack: It's the fill in the blank format - I think it doesn't work well without multiple choice options.
[19:04] jfw: whaack: ah. and in turn I don't much like multiple choice because it's too easy to guess your way through without actually having any idea
[20:34] whaack_: I agree with that as well, I think the best is just to ask direct questions.
Day changed to 2023-10-07
[23:22] whaack: Howdy all
[23:26] whaack: dorion: do you think that you are going to be able to send me the GPG this weekend?
[23:42] jfw: whaack: I expect he just got a bit distracted with short-term travels and will be able to shortly; if not, I'll do it tomorrow.
[23:43] whaack: Alrightie
[23:44] whaack: Hopefully I'll be able to make a trip to Panama soon.. Like sometime before the end of this year
[23:45] jfw: nice. I've back in Panama for a few days now
[23:45] jfw: *been back
[23:47] jfw: had one box fail to boot up - not even one of the laptops that travelled but a desktop that stayed behind! no luck after various disassembly, poking, prodding and voltage testing; seems to be a problem with the ~15yo motherboard, and a recurring one by now. but after another day left alone, it fired up on its own.
[23:48] whaack: I'm also dealing with a broken desktop
[23:48] whaack: I can't get to the bios even, I also think the problem is with the motherboard
[23:49] whaack: It's possible that the display ports are just not working, but I tried to type the key sequence of logging in and then 'poweroff' to see if the machine was somehow on without being able to display. I had no luck
[23:51] whaack:
[23:56] jfw: any signs of life like spinning cpu fan or board LEDs?
[23:58] jfw: tried removing all expansion cards, drive connections, DIMMs, etc - everything not strictly required to boot to BIOS?
[23:59] jfw: checked PSU voltages?
Day changed to 2023-10-08
[00:05] jfw: whaack: in other , a couple of your recent blog links are borked, looks like extra unicode quotes getting sprinkled in. gotta check at least the mouseover, peeps!
[00:05] sourcerer: 2023-10-02 18:08:18 (#jwrd) whaack: dorion: links to in your article , it seems there is an error there
[00:06] whaack: fuck thanks for pointing it out, let me go fix them
[00:09] whaack: Yes I have a spinning CPU fan, the GPU fan spins for a second on startup and then stops (this may be normal behavior), all other fans are spinning, the stupid flashy lights for the casing works
[00:10] whaack: There is some more fiddling I could do with removing parts, I'm not sure how to check the PSU voltage, I'm guessing with a multimeter?
[00:12] jfw: yep. it's a bit complicated because they're designed not to bring up the main power rails until the standby circuitry on motherboard signals readiness but you can short those pins with a paperclip to simulate that
[00:12] jfw: can post my cheat-sheet if you like
[00:12] jfw: but, sounds like the power at least is ok in your case
[00:13] jfw: if there's an on-motherboard video port, can try removing gpu and connecting to that
[00:14] jfw: ofc PCs are too shitty to send any boot codes to a text console port, but sometimes there's beep codes at least
[00:15] whaack: I don't think my computer ever beeped
[00:15] whaack: I'll try some more things tomorrow and I think I will probably want that cheat sheet
[00:18] jfw: whaack:
[00:18] whaack: ty
[00:19] jfw: yw.
[00:21] jfw: so the noted trick is to jumper pin 16 of the main power connector (PS_ON#) to pin 15 or any of the other grounds.
[00:22] jfw: (I'm recalling photographing this and thinking of writing it up back in 2021ish, sigh.)
[00:31] jfw: whaack: it seems to me the trouble with your attempt to recreate the dialup modem over modern phone signals is that those are anything but analog channels. besides packet loss you'll have lossy voice compression codecs to get past
[00:32] whaack: Oh man that is a real problem that did not occur to me
[00:34] whaack: So the only way this could possibly work is if the protocol designs packets such that they're able to handle the lossy voice compression codecs... which seems ~ impossible
[00:34] jfw: should certainly be possible to get a telegraph-level bitrate out of it but real-time voice seems unlikely
[00:35] whaack: There also may be multiple different codecs to deal with
[00:38] jfw: in general you can assume that they'll preserve only what the human auditory apparatus can distinguish. so, sine waves, longer pulses or whatever should work, "noise" or even multiple overlaid frequencies not so much.
[00:39] jfw: VOIP protocols had to add side channels to simulate dial-tones for interactive menu systems, because those use a two-frequency code (DTMF) which doesn't pass reliably over the compressed digital channel.
[00:39] whaack: it seems this one is used for whattscrap
[00:47] whaack: I'm not sure i fully grok. So VOIP needed a way to send certain tones, but were unable to due to compression used over digital channels, so they created this thing called side channels (what are these?) In order to send these specific tones?
[00:50] jfw: well voip means you're working with tcp and/or udp. on top of this you can define logical channels however you like: voice, control, etc. so, when you use the number pad e.g. on a SIP phone or client, instead of sending the traditional beeps as audio, they're sent as a digital control signal and synthesized on the other end if it's bridged into a true analog phone line.
[00:52] whaack: gotcha
[00:54] jfw: the things I almost wish I didn't know...
[00:57] whaack: well I am grateful that you could immediately share this inside
[00:58] whaack: insight*
[00:58] whaack: This certainly makes the task a little more challenging, if not downright impossible
[01:00] whaack: It looks like if I embark on this task I'm going to start by trying to get a encrypted voice communication over a channel where I can ensure that no lossy codexs are being applied
[01:00] jfw: why the interest in encrypted audio anyway? (not that thought experiments aren't fun and all)
[01:03] whaack: It bothers me that it seems like there's such an easy solution out there to have private phone calls but to my mind none exist. And it seems like a nice little challenge to make one
[01:05] jfw: philosophically though, it seems possibly an attempt at a technical solution to the social problem of people not getting with the program on computer text, irc, gpg etc.
[01:06] whaack: I also thought that this gadget might be something people would be interested in buying
[01:07] jfw: people clearly do buy phones; perhaps one with more credible encryption might sell
[01:08] whaack: I think the isolation of the device that encrypts is important. I don't think people are going to give up their shit phones with all the bells and whistles it comes with
[01:09] whaack: All that said I'm not really interested in any sort of catering to people too lazy to 'get with the program'
[01:09] whaack: I just personally would like to be able to make private phone calls and it's a simple enough challenge
[01:10] jfw: the isolation would be important indeed
[01:10] jfw: on the practical side, you're likely to run into the usual
[01:10] jfw: "mountains of horrible code" mess on trying to put the pieces together
[01:11] jfw: not that that's a reason not to do things, just to be aware of what you're biting off
[01:12] whaack: I understand it's a big task for the ideal tool that interfaces with all sorts of devices - I thought that before you even mention the codec part
[01:14] jfw: but even just the "pipe an audio stream into gpg and pull it out the other end with acceptable latency" might not work just like that, dunno. could be interesting to try at least.
[01:14] whaack: That's exactly what I plan to try
[01:19] whaack: bbl making some fish tacos
[03:05] whaack: !E view-height
[03:05] nzbtcexplorer: block_height: 811162
[03:05] nzbtcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 7
[03:05] whaack: !E view-block 811162
[03:05] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[03:05] whaack: almost
[03:07] whaack: !E view-block 811162
[03:07] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[03:10] whaack: !E view-block 811162
[03:10] nzbtcexplorer:
[03:10] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[03:12] whaack: !E view-block 811162
[03:13] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[03:13] whaack: !E view-raw-block 811162
[03:13] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3
[03:16] whaack: !e view-block 811161
[03:16] btcexplorer: error: block_not_found
[03:16] whaack: !e view-block 750123
[03:16] btcexplorer: 1 of 1
[03:17] whaack: explorers back online now using jfw's paste service
[03:17] whaack: !e view-height
[03:17] btcexplorer: block_height: 810257
[03:17] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 8472
[03:17] whaack: !E view-height
[03:17] nzbtcexplorer: block_height: 811162
[03:17] nzbtcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 19
[05:03] jfw: whaack: neato. how/why does the raw block get split into 3?
[05:05] jfw: btw I'm likely going to be moving it to to consolidate my names and take advantage of the new shorter domain. same interface, just new hostname/IP
[12:10] whaack: jfw: it's set to paste no more than 500,000 chars at a time, this was a constraint from deedbot's paste service
[12:11] whaack: I could change this parameter, certainly would be nice for pasting raw blocks. Let me know
[13:57] whaack: !e view-height
[13:57] btcexplorer: block_height: 811166
[13:57] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 568
[15:48] jfw: whaack: fitting a full btc block hex-encoded seems to me a pretty reasonable minimum object size limit for any gizmo that must have such limits. I'll have a look at what it actually is
[15:50] whaack: Alright, that would require your paste service to be able to accept slightly over 2 MB
[15:51] jfw: whaack: would it be terribly inconvenient if the response to the web POST interface was an html snippet with the link in an <a href>? I've been thinking that would streamline things for manual usage
[15:52] jfw: you could regex it out, but then the 'machine interface' is really intended to be the tcp port 4
[15:53] whaack: That's no problem for me, I can handle that.
[15:53] jfw: cool.
[16:09] whaack: !e view-height
[16:09] btcexplorer: block_height: 811197
[16:09] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 427
[16:09] whaack: I still need to fix the terrible wording mins_since_last_block
[16:11] whaack: Let me know what your byte limit is for your paste service when you get a chance
[16:45] jfw: whaack: give it a refresh and try a manual paste, should be nicer & more self-documenting now.
[16:49] jfw: hmm, the html link works but a trailing newline snuck in, will fix that.
[16:49] whaack: !E view-block 811161
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <!DOCTYPE html>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <html>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <head>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <title>Paste</title>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: </head>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <body>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <h1>Paste</h1>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <p>Uploaded 431 bytes.
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <p>Your link: <a href="
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: ">
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: </a>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: <p><a href=".">Again!</a>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: </body>
[16:49] nzbtcexplorer: </html> 1 of 1
[16:49] whaack: kek sry
[16:50] jfw: well, there we see exactly what's in the new responses!
[16:56] jfw: and that line break in the href is fixed.
[17:23] dorion_road: -- sorry for the delay, workin' on it now.
[17:23] sourcerer: 2023-10-07 23:26:54 (#jwrd) whaack: dorion: do you think that you are going to be able to send me the GPG this weekend?
[17:25] whaack: cool
[17:37] dorion_road: whaack,
[17:37] dorion_road: -- I just caught myself typing, lolz.
[17:37] sourcerer: 2023-10-08 05:05:49 (#jwrd) jfw: btw I'm likely going to be moving it to to consolidate my names and take advantage of the new shorter domain. same interface, just new hostname/IP
[17:50] jfw: aaand the move to is completed. existing pastes will stay where they are to expire by the natural process.
[17:52] jfw: sadly the "Powered by Gales Linux" is now kind of a lie, although some Gales components like busybox tcpsvd and daemontools are still involved.
[17:54] whaack: ty doriom
[17:54] whaack: dorion*
[18:03] jfw: to state these changes explicitly: the front page now reports its currently active PHP size limit (which jumped from 8 to 100 M as a result of the machine move), and the response is now shown in a pretty html page including the document size, clickable (& hopefully more easily copyable) link, and a back link for doing another paste.
[18:03] sourcerer: 2023-10-08 16:45:07 (#jwrd) jfw: whaack: give it a refresh and try a manual paste, should be nicer & more self-documenting now.
[18:05] jfw: the only unexpected bother in the change of machines was the slightly-older php not accepting the <?= ?> short echo tags.
[18:27] whaack: !E view-block 811161
[18:28] nzbtcexplorer: "" 1 of 1
[18:28] whaack: !E view-raw-block 811162
[18:28] nzbtcexplorer: "" 1 of 1
[18:39] jfw: whaack, a broken-quotes link example. maybe needs a sql query to find them all?
[18:41] jfw: anyway those RSI next steps sound reasonable as far as I know, which admittedly isn't all that far
[18:43] whaack: I need to go through all my recent links. The editor I've been using on my MacBook puts the stupid quotes
[18:43] whaack: Yeah, although I think that the tissue repair cycle is broken so I don't really have too much hope
[18:44] whaack: There may be too much scar tissue or something, I don't know. It just seems to get progressively worse very slowly so I don't know what's going to turn it around
[18:46] jfw: well, at least if expectations are set low then there's less disappointment right?
[18:48] jfw: the free diving does sound fun, I do wish I at least knew how to equalize etc. even if I don't make it a regular thing
[18:50] whaack: Yup. On the bright side I don't let myself feel bad about it anymore. If there is nothing I can do, life still goes on, there's a lot worse ailments.
[18:51] jfw: indeed
[18:52] whaack: Equalizing is the real challenge of free diving. 99% of divers are limited by their ability to equalize, you have to be go very fucking deep for the oxygen tank to become a problem
[18:53] whaack: You can equalize to about 8-10m using the 'noob/scuba' valsalva maneuver, where you pinch your nose and squeeze your lungs with your diaphragm and intercostal muscles to push air through the eustachian tubes into the middle ear
[18:54] whaack: After about 10m, your lungs are so compressed by the water pressure that it's no longer possible to squeeze air out of them
[18:54] jfw: just at backyard-pool depths, I'd sometimes get anxious about the lack of option to inhale and then it'd be a problem, I'd come up and gasp. but when I can calm my mind I can stay down fine.
[18:54] jfw: but lunch is calling, bbiab.
[18:59] whaack: So then you need to use a technique called 'Frenzel' , where you close your glottis and use your larynx as a pump, this works to about 30m and it's the technique I'm currently developing myself
[19:00] whaack: After that you need to fill up your cheeks with air so you look like a chipmunk and then use the muscles in the cheeks to pump
[19:08] whaack: jfw: Yes when I say 99% of divers I am kind of referring to people who have gone over the hump of being anxious about holding their breath for <1min 30s. The feeling of not being able to take a breath is quite unsettling so I guess most are limited by the immediate urge to breathe
[19:11] whaack: Before starting a dive, it's best to start a relaxation phase. Ideally you have a snorkel because this allows you to live facedown in the water, triggering the dive reflex which causes bradycardia. Then you have to clear your mind and relax every muscle in your body. Personally I do a body scan and try to let go of any tension anywhere. Then to clear my mind I focus on sensations; I try to feel the water, pay attention to any surrounding noise, etc. This let
[19:11] whaack: s me get to a really relaxed state where I can go sometimes two minutes without any urge to breathe
[19:14] whaack: It also really helps and is important to have someone you trust watching you. If you blackout, it's quite easy to be revived without taking any damage. The sport of apnea has gathered a lot of evidence showing that the body is able to preserve itself for at least 30-60s after blackout
[21:05] whaack: !E view-raw-block 811162
[21:05] nzbtcexplorer: "" 1 of 1
[21:08] whaack: !E view-raw-block 811162
[21:09] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[21:11] jfw: nice.
[21:15] jfw: interesting that you say the equalization happens automatically during ascent/decompression. I usually feel I have to 'pop' my ears in planes or high-speed elevators but the idea is you don't really have to on the way up?
[21:15] whaack: !e view-raw-block 811162
[21:15] btcexplorer: 1 of 1
[21:16] jfw: I'm not doing any sort of compression from diaphragm/glottis/cheeks there, just a yawning type internal opening to relieve the pressure
[21:17] jfw: and makes sense re having a diving buddy certainly
[21:17] whaack: jfw: correct, 'on the way up' the pressure is increasing inside the middle ear so any manual equalizing is going to be working against you, that's why I mentioned how it's dangerous
[21:18] whaack: Part of yawning is raising the larynx, aka the 'pump' motion of the Frenzel
[21:18] whaack: So you likely have part of the movement down coupled with unnecessary extra movement
[21:20] jfw: hm, what I'm thinking of isn't to do with the larynx though, there's literally something that opens inside the ear, makes a sort of crinkling noise even
[21:21] whaack: Yes that's the Eustachian tubes
[21:23] jfw: you ever found any good anatomy references online? apart from the "stealing bits and pieces of Gray's" wikipedia style
[21:24] whaack: Yes there was an Italian who wrote a great free diving manual, it has a great description of a lot of the anatomy involved, one second
[21:26] whaack: Manual of freediving: underwater on a single breath - Pelizzari, Umberto
[21:27] whaack: If you have any nice anatomy books I would like to read them as well, this free diving manual was actually the first (partial) anatomy book that I enjoyed
[21:28] whaack: I think I tried to read Gray's a couple months back but there was so much terminology that I didn't know right off the bat so I found it too challenging
[21:28] whaack: The free diving book was perfect because it narrowed today things down to a part of the anatomy that I was interested in for a task at hand
[21:28] whaack: s/today/s
[21:28] whaack: s/today// *
[21:29] whaack: I'm not sure what the best version of the manual is, there seems to be a few online
[21:30] whaack: One thing I should note here, I think you mentioned before in person exhaling before diving so that you are not so bouyant. Be very careful with that, you can cause a lung injury known as a squeeze
[21:31] jfw: yes I recall that note.
[21:32] whaack: better to just hold onto a heavy rock
[21:33] jfw saw an old copy of Gray's on dorion's dad's bookshelf, it did look deliciously detailed
[21:34] whaack: It's sad that we never had someone in the medical field active in the logs, afaik
[21:35] whaack: jfw: back to your point about the larynx, if you're equalizing your ears you are almost certainly creating pressure that opens up the Eustachian tubes
[21:36] whaack: Some people can voluntarily open their tubes, but this is quite rare and more complicated to learn
[21:38] jfw: - just a parade of weirdos with transhumanist bent like kanzure and gabriel_laddel perhaps
[21:38] sourcerer: 2023-10-08 21:34:32 (#jwrd) whaack: It's sad that we never had someone in the medical field active in the logs, afaik
[21:39] whaack: ah yes the 'do more meth' crowd
[21:39] whaack: I don't seem to remember kanzure
[21:43] jfw: I'm not sure but it feels like I can open the tubes and hold them there at least for a bit. and sometimes after a certain sort of workout, running uphill for instance, perhaps with a certain heaviness of breathing, one actually opens and sticks there, such that I hear things differently, hear the airflow of my own breathing
[21:44] jfw: only happened a couple times but it was quite an odd thing
[21:46] whaack: it's absolutely possible you have the ability, can you wiggle your ears?
[21:50] jfw: that, no.
[21:51] whaack: hmm, that means it's less likely that you can. Do you pinch your nose when you equalize?
[21:53] whaack just noticed that when he yawns, it seems his right ear may be equalizing without pinching the nose
[21:56] whaack: This thing is that the tubes open and close 100s of times a day. So sometimes you are going to notice an equalization without active effort
[21:56] whaack: The thing*
[22:03] jfw: not pinching my nose, no.
[22:21] jfw: I was able to load that manual at least, gnarly pdf though.
[22:26] whaack: Wow, maybe you can voluntarily open your tubes. If you pinch your nose and blow (gently) does the sensation in your ears feel similar to your yawning technique?
[22:34] whaack: I'm off to go watch some baby turtles hatch on the beach, be back later
[22:43] jfw: neat, reminds me of one of those trilema banner pics with baby turtle. and no, compressing air with nose pinched does not feel quite the same, there isn't the crinkling sound and opened feeling. though in practicing at it I can feel something perhaps similar
[22:44] jfw: more uncomfortable though, like pressing on my eardrums. which I assume is what I'd need underwater.
Day changed to 2023-10-09
[04:44] whaack: jfw: I can't voluntarily open my Eustachian tubes so I can't say how it's different the sensation of valsalva - but my understanding is that with the voluntary method you are gently opening the door and leading the two 'rooms' equalize themselves. In the valsalva method (the one i use) the door is stuck, and so one opens it by increasing the pressure in one room until the 'door swings open.'
[04:46] whaack: I imagine VTO (voluntary tube opening) could sound like a hissing noise as the air gently equalizes into the middle ear. It's certainly the preferred method, so if you can do that that is awesome
[04:46] whaack: It is anatomically impossible for some people, and even for the people as possible for it's sometimes difficult to learn
[04:47] whaack: I'm not sure whether it's possible or not for me
[04:47] whaack: people it's* possible
[04:52] whaack: There's something amusing to me about how something so universal, diving into water, is made difficult by a specific weird problem related to the ears. It seems like there's so many things that could go wrong with water pressure. It wouldn't be surprising if it were impossible for humans to go deep either, but that there is a way to overcome the equalization problem through study and training is a little puzzle gifted from God.
[16:31] dorion_road: which God ? Poseidon ? Neptune ?
[16:32] jfw: Poseidon.
[16:34] jfw: I guess we can do it because we're mostly solid & liquid with just a few essential air cavities to deal with. not like birds with hollow bones or something
[16:36] jfw: so we're firmly tied to the ground but by the same stroke get more freedom in water. ofc there are some birds that dive, though not that deep I guess
[17:17] whaack: jfw: I personally did not understand the concept that solids and liquids can't actually compress under pressure until I started diving
[17:20] whaack: Thing I'm most embarrassed to admit I learned while diving is that the ear canal is fully blocked by the eardrum. I used to think getting water 'in your ear' man something entirely different.
[17:24] whaack: But I've learned that this gross misunderstanding of the ear is very common. You can see people demonstrate their misunderstanding when they try to shake water out of there ear on the beach. Their right ear is bothering them, so they tilt their head to the right and jump, hoping to dislodge the water. However the water is on the other side of the eardrum, as it entered through the sinuses (it couldn't possibly have entered through ear) so this attempt is hop
[17:24] whaack: eless. They should be tilting their head to the left if the right ear is bothering them.
[17:24] whaack: through the ear*
[17:25] whaack: s/Thing/The thing/ , s/man something/meant something/
[17:25] whaack sighs
[17:39] dorion_road: whaack, are you back to typying with fingers ? or still on the vtt ?
[17:39] whaack: vtt
[17:40] dorion_road: I see, seems better than before at least.
[17:40] whaack: But I'm trying to very carefully use the keyboard to make corrections or type things vtt can't pick up
[17:40] whaack: I'm getting better at using the tool
[17:40] dorion_road: makes sense. let it draft and you edit.
[17:41] dorion_road: I'm in medellin right now. whether or not you do the stem cells, definitely worth checking out. real cool vibe, lots of life.
[17:41] whaack: I've wanted to go there, I've heard great things
[17:47] whaack: I am probably not going to go through with the stem cells. tbh there are a few red flags for me there. it seems to be a 'this can fix evvvverrrrything' racket. even can fix pissed off chicks like in the picture
[17:47] dorion_road: you definitely should. In panama, they pretty much clear cut the land.. only a few streets have trees/shade. here, it's wicked green. you know you're in a city of 4M, but it a way it doesn't feel like it. on top of that, it's ~6 C cooler to begin with.
[17:48] whaack: even says 'If you can’t find your condition. Please contact us for more information.'
[17:50] whaack: Yeah I've heard a similar description, it sounds beautiful
[17:50] whaack: Also I hear the prices are not too bad
[17:51] dorion_road: whaack, I hear you wrt stem cell marketing. it gets more fuzzy because there are different types/methods. that being said, I think I'll try it at some point. I don't have anything acute like you, but am curious on the boost I might get from it. plus I have a couple minor nix from sporting days I'd like to see healed.
[17:52] dorion_road: whaack, do you think people giving testimonials are under placebo effect ?
[17:53] whaack: I don't know I didn't read the testimonials, but a lot of conditions heal over long time periods so if you take a biased simple just about any treatment can have a few great testimonials
[17:55] whaack: One product I tried for my hands had a series of amazing two minute long testimonials that sounded very legitimate. I bought the product and when I got it, I saw that you could renew your supply for a huge discount by making a heartfelt testimonial.
[17:55] dorion_road: -- this is an xcells competitor in medellin ... they charge 2-3x.
[17:56] whaack: haha steve-o!
[17:59] dorion_road: -- well, from a sales prespective, don't want to lose leads just because you're website wasn't exhaustive.
[17:59] sourcerer: 2023-10-09 17:48:43 (#jwrd) whaack: even says 'If you can???t find your condition. Please contact us for more information.'
[18:04] whaack: Sure, I haven't completely written them off, I'm just so jaded from ~failed treatments that I really have trouble believing this would help me. That said, it seems like my condition is the kind of thing that stem cells could help with
[18:06] dorion_road: yeah, I get where you're coming from. if xcells wasn't offering such a good deal (relative to competitors), I'd be a lot more skeptical too.
[18:10] jfw: - oh hey, this makes perfect sense yet I've done this stupidthing
[18:10] sourcerer: 2023-10-09 17:24:07 (#jwrd) whaack: But I've learned that this gross misunderstanding of the ear is very common. You can see people demonstrate their misunderstanding when they try to shake water out of there ear on the beach. Their right ear is bothering them, so they tilt their head to the right and jump, hoping to dislodge the water. However the water is on the other side of the eardrum, as it
[18:12] jfw: sounds nice for sure. and yeah, the most green I saw on a walk just now was an abandoned lot full of litter.
[18:12] sourcerer: 2023-10-09 17:47:43 (#jwrd) dorion_road: you definitely should. In panama, they pretty much clear cut the land.. only a few streets have trees/shade. here, it's wicked green. you know you're in a city of 4M, but it a way it doesn't feel like it. on top of that, it's ~6 C cooler to begin with.
[18:20] whaack: dorion_road: how long are you there for?
[18:26] dorion_road: until wednsday evening.
[18:27] dorion_road: going to check out this thing tonight.
[18:29] whaack: o7 good luck in the shitcoin swamps soldier
[18:29] dorion_road: one downside of colombia so far is how much data merchants try to collect from you. supposedly their irs is rather advanced. it was worse in bogota.
[18:30] dorion_road: whaack, ha, thanks. not like the majority of 'bitcoin' events/people aren't anything more than softforkcoin gatherings.
[18:31] jfw wonders what's a "private blockchain club" when it's a "public group" and "calling all xyz"
[18:32] whaack: I do think there is a valid missionary work to be done with softforkcoin users. Younger people / people with less sophisticated filters are bombarded by the sybil/pysop of segwit
[18:33] dorion_road: btw, whaack, jfw, that reminds me, you know much about the "multi-party computation" schemes being pushed as a new and improved multi-sig ?
[18:33] whaack: nope
[18:34] jfw: not specifically but heard the term
[18:34] jfw: doesn't seem relevant to replacing signatures, but ofc they want to get rid of anything like a signature at all costs
[18:35] dorion_road: sounds like shamir secret sharing, not sure if it's substantially different.
[18:35] jfw: I mean it sounds like folding@home etc
[18:35] jfw: or the zksnark "ceremonies" for generating the gb+ public parameters
[18:36] dorion_road: lulzily, I fireblocks guy was telling me about it. "it's a 3 of 3 key, we keep 2 and the user keeps 1. our are stored on google cloud and aws." "google/aws, ROFLMAO" "yeah, in asia".
[18:36] dorion_road: a* fireblocks
[18:36] whaack: LOL
[18:37] jfw: so if either google OR aws login-bots decides they don't look enough like a bot and need to send more nudes, no withdrawals??
[18:39] whaack: so segwit successfully made it so miners can snag your coins, but they're still the problem that YOU may decide to use your coin before they decide to, and they're trying to close that hole.
[18:39] whaack: s/they're/there's
[18:40] dorion_road: jfw, apparently. "they would never though".
[18:41] whaack: the psychology of the dorks that implement this shit fucking baffles me
[18:53] dorion_road: whaack, in cooler things to implement, how hard do you think it'd be to add a transaction fee estimator to your explorer ?
[18:54] dorion_road: I've been using a couple different js-based, non-WoT sources, but would like to have a better option.
[18:55] dorion_road: whaack, is your plan to create a new key after/during the advanced course to register in our WoT ?
[18:55] whaack: I think that is very doable. I can actually put that towards the top of my priority list
[18:57] whaack: Do you have any recommendations or requests for the design? This is my first thought: there's a command that takes the number of inputs and outputs one plans to use for a transaction, and then it returns the minimum fee that was successful in the last N blox, as well as the average fee that was used for the same number of bytes
[18:59] whaack: !E view-block 850000
[18:59] nzbtcexplorer: error: block_not_found
[18:59] whaack: !E view-block 800000
[18:59] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[19:02] whaack: !e view-tx 6f7cf9580f1c2dfb3c4d5d043cdbb128c640e3f20161245aa7372e9666168516
[19:02] btcexplorer: 1 of 1
[19:05] dorion_road: whaack, I think to start you don't have to be so specific. can be a general btc/kb. for the quote, I'd prefer BTC/kb, since that's what gbw-signer uses.
[19:07] dorion_road: these other ones I use show a range of prices depending on how fast you want block acceptance. their range is in minutes, which isn't really meaningful, since blocktime isn't really predictable on the minute to minute, hour to hour basis, but I suppose it's what their market expects.
[19:09] dorion_road: ofc, one challenge will be that while multisig transactions currently compete for blockspace, trb doesn't keep track of those in the mempool. so, "how long before it was heard and accepted" on those txns will be harder to track.
[19:12] dorion_road: that latter feature of estimating how fast it'll be accepted can wait since it'll involve more info that what gbw-node provides, i.e. mempool data.
[19:14] dorion_road: easier, but also helpful would be txn fee change over time. is it up or down and by how much over the past x, y, z blocks ?
[19:23] whaack: I don't plan to put any support for the mempool
[19:25] whaack: I've thought about this, maybe somewhere down the road that will change, but that the block explorer doesn't guess at what may be, and instead only reports what is, is a feature
[19:26] whaack: There's a lot of extensions I would like add for analysis like the feature, like being able to see a graph of fees over time
[19:26] whaack: grr. s/like the feature//
[19:33] whaack: !E view-address 1FeexV6bAHb8ybZjqQMjJrcCrHGW9sb6uF
[19:33] nzbtcexplorer: 1 of 1
[19:38] whaack: It's true though that without examining the mempool, there is no good way to estimate how long it will take for transaction to be included in the block. One could see the average fee per byte, but maybe on average transactions take 1-2 days to confirm.
[19:39] whaack: Just looking at the blocks right now, I am surprised by how small the average fee is. There's also a lot more variance than I expected
[19:44] jfw: it seems to me there's not any especially "good way" to estimate how long it will take, with any amount of AI, machine learning or otherwise fancy statistical modeling; the mempool from a well-connected node can indeed give some preview of what's the current competition for the next block, but there's no way to know the future transactions that haven't yet been broadcast. I guess one could look at
[19:44] jfw: to what extent it's a nice tidy bell-curve world where things can be predicted, or more the kind where a single unusual event undermines the whole value of your model.
[19:46] jfw: but as a practical first step, I'd think just reporting the min, max, median & mean fee per byte for each block would go a long way.
[19:51] jfw: also in the unpredictables of course is what the next block's miner will do.
[19:51] jfw: ftr, I think that weird rounding to next kilobyte for fees from Satoshi is just plain dumb and I don't intend to continue it. I suppose sat/byte is as reasonable a unit choice as any
[19:52] dorion_road: -- makes sense.
[19:52] sourcerer: 2023-10-09 19:25:10 (#jwrd) whaack: I've thought about this, maybe somewhere down the road that will change, but that the block explorer doesn't guess at what may be, and instead only reports what is, is a feature
[19:53] jfw: sat/kb has the possible advantage of greater integer precision
[20:00] jfw: ah yes, is where fee computation & units were decided so far.
[22:25] dorion_road: --
[22:25] sourcerer: 2023-10-08 21:39:55 (#jwrd) whaack: I don't seem to remember kanzure
Day changed to 2023-10-11
[00:37] whaack: My next articles that I want to write are related to breaking the segwit piggybank.
[00:39] whaack: When talking about the point with softfuckers, I usually get the ~ exact same responses as to why it could never happen
[00:41] whaack: One of them is 'oh that's the same as the 51% attack, theoretical fud that can never happen' another is 'the core dev team are the smartest most knowledgeable bitcoiners around, they couldn't have possibly made such a huge oversight'
[00:42] whaack: Before making an article that enumerates and responds to all of these, I think that I should write an article on the best strategy for miners to take in order to profit should they break the piggy bank
[00:44] whaack: There's a lot of questions there. How do the miners divide the loot? If they find themselves with 8mil bitcoins on the real chain, what portion of them do they sell? etcetc
[00:48] whaack: There also needs to be an exchange for segwit <-> bitcoind , I guess any of the shitcoin exchanges have some infrastructure to set that up quickly. It's likely that the USG exchanges like Coinbase will only support segwit, but that's not much of a problem since since one could do bitcoind -> segwit -> coinbase if they really wanted to
[00:49] whaack: i.e. there's no real way for the government to create fiat offramps for segwit without also (indirectly) providing them for bitcoind
[00:53] dorion_road: -- what do you mean by exchange there ? can't people with softfork coins just send them to valid addresses ?
[00:53] sourcerer: 2023-10-11 00:48:22 (#jwrd) whaack: There also needs to be an exchange for segwit <-> bitcoind , I guess any of the shitcoin exchanges have some infrastructure to set that up quickly. It's likely that the USG exchanges like Coinbase will only support segwit, but that's not much of a problem since since one could do bitcoind -> segwit -> coinbase if they really wanted to
[00:53] dorion_road: do you mean an exchange that lists both the softfork coin and btc ?
[00:54] whaack: dorion_road: yes they can do OTC right away, I mean a place where there is escrow, prices are reported, and customers can place orders at certain prices, etc
[00:56] whaack: At first thought, the miners may think it's best to sell their 8million btc of loot right away. However, they need the bitcoind chain to outlive the segwit chain, because if segwit ever goes back to out running bitcoind, then all the coins vanish since bitcoind beomes == segwit chain again.
[00:56] dorion_road: -- seems to me it'd be however many anyonecanspend txns they could fit in a block at a time. and the division would be solved via competition. so they'd start with the juiciest outputs first.
[00:56] sourcerer: 2023-10-11 00:44:51 (#jwrd) whaack: There's a lot of questions there. How do the miners divide the loot? If they find themselves with 8mil bitcoins on the real chain, what portion of them do they sell? etcetc
[00:56] whaack: Yes I imagine that's how it will be. Just a fucking rat race that ends very quickly
[00:58] whaack: But if they are already in a cartel, and they need to coordinate, maybe they will have some discussion about how to divide between themselves. unlikely but possible.
[00:59] dorion_road: for price discovery, an exchange listing both would be helpful. not just for miners, but for other 1 address holders too. people with valid addresses will have value on both chains and people with anyonecanspend outputs will only have value on the chain with weaker key security.
[00:59] whaack: dorion_road: right, that is the fundamental advantage of using p2pkh/bitcoind
[01:00] dorion_road: I g2g for dinner, but will catch up manyana !! (I have an outline for the topic too that attempts to simply my older article).
[01:00] dorion_road: ttyl.
[01:00] whaack: ciao
[01:15] whaack: !e view-height
[01:15] btcexplorer: block_height: 811619
[01:15] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: -16
[01:15] whaack: !E view-height
[01:15] nzbtcexplorer: block_height: 811619
[01:15] nzbtcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 4
[18:19] whaack: !e view-height
[18:19] btcexplorer: block_height: 811743
[18:19] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: -15
[18:19] whaack: !E view-height
[18:19] nzbtcexplorer: block_height: 811743
[18:19] nzbtcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 5
[21:28] whaack: dorion: payment sent
Day changed to 2023-10-12
[17:02] dorion_road: whaack, ty !
Day changed to 2023-10-17
[17:44] dorion: whaack (or anyone else), any recommendation for IRC client on mac ? tried setting someone up w/ hexchat, but was handed broomstick.
[18:21] BobbyBuckets: ayo daddys live and in panama!
Day changed to 2023-10-18
[03:13] whaack: dorion: I use limechat, and I've liked my experience so far
[03:16] whaack: I just finished four days of apnea training, it's been pretty exhausting, I'm real happy though with my instructor, she got her certification from umberto pellzzari, the author of the manual I linked
[16:07] jfw: looks like quite the sleepy macbook from that stream of join/quit from BobbyBuckets
[16:08] jfw: we got hexchat working eventually, it needed a further 'port install xorg-server' among other things, because clearly it just keeps getting worse for Mac
[16:08] jfw: (XQuartz used to be included standard)
[16:13] dorion: whaack, thanks. welcome BobbyBuckets.
Day changed to 2023-10-19
[20:51] whaack: !e view-height
[20:51] btcexplorer: block_height: 812958
[20:51] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: -8
Day changed to 2023-10-21
[23:39] whaack: !e view-height
[23:39] btcexplorer: block_height: 813254
[23:39] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: -18
[23:44] whaack: !E view-height
[23:44] nzbtcexplorer: block_height: 813254
[23:44] nzbtcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 7
Day changed to 2023-10-22
[22:43] whaack: I'm struggling with the fact that my phone's speech to text is so much better than my computers
[22:43] whaack: Maybe I have to update to the newest Mac OS, something I almost always regret doing
[22:44] whaack: In other news, I finished my level two free diving course. I have a blog article with pictures I have to crank out
Day changed to 2023-10-23
[00:38] jfw: whaack: maybe the phone knows your voice better from listening in more!
[00:38] jfw: nice re dive training.
Day changed to 2023-10-25
[06:56] jfw:
[12:31] dorion: s/Ernestino/Laurentino/
[18:51] jfw: dorion: whoops, fixed. thanks.
Day changed to 2023-10-26
[18:44] jfw: , - the Universidad de Panama seems to call for appeasement of the noisemakers
[18:47] jfw: while they evidently haven't mastered the intricacies of computer text and seem to believe that communicating in pixel-spew format makes it more official.
[19:03] sstacks: good afternoon
[19:03] jfw: hey sstacks, how goes it with you?
[19:07] sstacks: Great, been watching from the fence. Had problems with cursor positioning.
[19:07] sstacks: Dorion helped me out
[19:12] jfw: cursor positioning?
[19:12] sstacks: the blinking bar on the chat box was missing
[19:13] sstacks: hitting "insert" fixed it
[19:13] jfw: ah, in hexchat or something?
[19:17] jfw: well, better minor problems than miner problems
[19:28] dorion: he's in yrc.
[19:28] dorion: welcome back sstacks !!
[19:28] dorion: is that you I've been hearing banging pots and pans ?! ;-p
[19:30] dorion: graphic designer lives matter !!
[19:30] sourcerer: 2023-10-26 18:47:07 (#jwrd) jfw: while they evidently haven't mastered the intricacies of computer text and seem to believe that communicating in pixel-spew format makes it more official.
[19:43] jfw: - ah ok, then sounds like the log view was focused for scrolling.
[19:43] sourcerer: 2023-10-26 19:28:00 (#jwrd) dorion: he's in yrc.
[19:44] jfw: Zoom says to the IT team of its paying customer: "Your app version needs to be 5.12.2 or higher to sign in. Please contact your IT team to update your app."
[19:46] jfw: why people don't go throw rocks in the streets for THIS kind of abuse remains a mystery to me.
[19:50] jfw: needless to say, the last time I appeased them on this, they added all manner of crap I didn't need into the interface, making it harder to reach the things I did need.
[19:51] jfw: and increased memory consumption.
Day changed to 2023-10-27
[11:37] sstacks: i think theres 3 different type of individuals on street: real protesters most of them pacific. Infiltrated hired individuals to cause agititation. And real anti socials causing disturbs.
[11:39] sstacks: morning frenes
[11:46] sstacks: i cannot have an objective position regarding to mining activity on this territory since i know 0 about this. But i do know coupleof things: Nito Cortizo (or any other president) are recognized for taking real care of the country. All their campaign promises become evidently void once they are on chair. I also know that Blackrock and Vanguard Group aint saints either. People like to think that
[11:46] sstacks: somehow these hedgefunds are not really conspiring because of the fact anyone can invest on them. I still dont get that logic.
[11:47] sstacks: Id remain skeptical in any case.
[13:10] mechs: good morning guys!
[14:34] sstacks: morning mechs!
[16:37] jfw: good morning. sstacks: what kind of promises did Cortizo make publicly? from across the language barrier it seemed to me that all of them offer always the same thing, "Change!" which is to say "Anyone but that last guy!"
[17:05] jfw: but certainly, it's pretty unclear how someone who means to take real care of a country - its finances, for instance - could ever win a popular election honestly
[17:06] jfw: especially in the absence of sound money
[17:06] jfw: what does he have to offer the hungry masses? "hard times will continue until morale improves"
[17:19] jfw: the masses can be convinced to sacrifice, but perhaps only when sufficiently scared, as seen in war times (such as the 2020 world war on not staying home) and that tends to involve some dishonesty or at least one-sided propaganda too
[17:48] mechs: i suspect these agitators were very much in favor of lockdowns since they want us all to #StayHome and retreat to Zoom calls once again
[17:50] mechs: only now are they starting to notice the aggresive propaganda efforts on both tv and the funny papers
[18:51] jfw: whaack: how's your schedule looking as far as a start date for training? are Tuesday afternoons still good?
[20:54] jfw: as to the stupendous enhancements in the newest Zoom, they've changed the icon, broke the existing shortcut, made the meeting settings view super slow to load, and removed the ability to define an 'anytime' meeting, i.e. you HAVE to set a time and exact recurrence schedule. Oh and they broke all old links to support pages on their site.
[21:00] jfw: if you set it recurring, you HAVE to set an end date, and it spams your meeting list with all the instances. i.e. there's no longer any list of "all meeting codes I've defined"
[22:08] jfw: then once in the meeting, they've added an AI Assistant. so the approximate auto-transcriptions and awkward summaries will now be coming standard.
[22:10] jfw: funny since just a couple years ago they were touting their 'encryption', you know, so that nobody's listening in.
Day changed to 2023-10-29
[02:10] whaack: jfw: tuesdays work, i can start whenever
[02:17] whaack: derp actually im busy from 4pm-5pm Panama time or 9pm-10pm UTC on Tues, i could start right after but that would maybe not be the best day to do it
[04:40] whaack: !e view-height
[04:40] btcexplorer: block_height: 814330
[04:40] btcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: -12
[04:40] whaack: !E view-height
[04:40] nzbtcexplorer: block_height: 814330
[04:40] nzbtcexplorer: mins_since_last_block: 9
[20:19] whaack: in heaten software news, jewtube has added an adblocker blocker
[22:42] jfw: the only way I've been able to use the thing at all is via youtube-dl which they managed to throttle to like 0.5x speed
Day changed to 2023-10-30
[00:18] jfw: - how about wednesdays, or 10am / 15 utc tuesdays?
[00:18] sourcerer: 2023-10-29 02:17:32 (#jwrd) whaack: derp actually im busy from 4pm-5pm Panama time or 9pm-10pm UTC on Tues, i could start right after but that would maybe not be the best day to do it
[01:05] whaack: lets do wednesdays
[01:13] jfw: whaack: sounds good, pretty sure I'll be ready to start this week and will let you know if otherwise. (Still got a lot going on and haven't dusted off the materials yet.)
[13:36] mechs: thoughts on peertube?
[18:33] jfw: mechs: what's that, bittorrent rewritten in js for the "convenience"?
[18:38] mechs: It is a webtorrent powered, federated, self hostable youtube alternative, a sort of popular instance is
[18:53] jfw: I dunno, from the producer side apache seems to work fine for hosting my videos, while from the consumer side there's no choice involved, so not sure what problem it's supposed to solve other than hosting some manner of contraband
[18:55] jfw: all I see with scripts allowed there is a blank white page, fwiw.
[18:57] mechs: webtorrent is supposed to help with bandwith usage
[18:59] mechs: its a very bloated project nonetheless
[19:04] jfw: bandwidth is cheap though at least in many places, and if the content can't pay its keep then maybe the problem is with the "content" and the creator would be advised to spend more time writing text and less blathering on camera :D
[19:05] jfw: to be fair, I never had a video 'slashdotted' or the like.
[19:07] jfw: if I did, I suppose I'd just put up a conventional torrent tracker
[20:14] mechs: was this the norm before 2004?
[20:49] jfw: what's 2004, the start of youtube? my recollection of the time is plenty of flash animation but not much video on the web and certainly not from... technically unsophisticated publishers, shall we say. it tended to demand special browser plugins (so much worse than now where it demands... whole special browsers!)
[20:54] jfw: there was already video available on p2p networks though for sure
[21:14] jfw: whaack: do I recall you stayed at the Principe hotel for a couple nights after a Casco ripoff? how did that turn out, any complaints?
[21:15] jfw: the trouble with hotels around here is there's too many to choose from...
[21:27] whaack: jfw: principe rings a bell but i forget.. iirc i only spent my last night there
[21:28] whaack: selina's was the rip off, you pay a huge premium for having a couple of hot 20yos sleeping in nearby rooms, but this comes w/ an additional expense of EDM late into the night
[22:18] jfw: whaack: indeed.
[22:44] whaack: jfw: do you have the script for loading high/med range photos to the blog handy? mine is on my dead comp... ik there is a trilema article out there with it
[22:45] whaack: I mean the one that generates a link to the high quality image while displaying a medium resolution on the article itself
[22:45] whaack: And actually what I need is the script that generate the different versions of the images using ffmpeg or whatever
[22:46] whaack: generates*
Day changed to 2023-10-31
[01:08] dorion: whaack, ffmpeg for pics, lulz ;-p ; anyways, here is jfw's script for the html, which also links to MP's image processor. I use hanbot's image processor myself.
[01:10] jfw: dorion beat me by a couple seconds on posting those links, lol.
[01:16] jfw: I'm still using the "somewhat tidied and improved version"
[01:16] jfw: though hanbot's article did inspire me to play around with gimp scripting a bit which was pretty cool.
[02:21] jfw: posted on the portrait/landscape/aspect issue, when she gets round to approving it; meanwhile

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