#jwrd Logs for Sep 2020

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[13:23] dorion: hello
[13:24] dorion: <cruciform> is the potential hardware issue solved by using Coreboot?
[13:24] cruciform: I'm not sure I have a preference for AMD vs Intel atm; at any rate, we can get started with the Beginner sessions before deciding?
[13:24] dorion: correct, the hardware can be decided later.
[13:25] cruciform: so, <dorion> the next steps will be to pick a class schedule, finalize the contract, settle the payment and start.
[13:26] dorion: right. so when are you thinking you want to start and at what frequency ? 1/week ?
[13:26] cruciform: 1/week sounds good to start; possibly move up to 2/week
[13:27] cruciform: I'll need 7-10 days or so to sort payment
[13:27] cruciform: So, we could look to start in, say, 2 weeks' time?
[13:28] dorion: ok, pretty sure the week of oct 12th works for us. I'll let jfw confirm.
[13:29] cruciform: great. is there anything you need from me in the meantime?
[13:30] dorion: let's nail down the schedule a bit more. what time and day of the week do you prefer ? can you do tuesday evenings utc ?
[13:31] cruciform: yes, Tue evening UTC will be fine
[13:31] dorion: ok, cool. how's the poker going by the way ? were you predominantly an in person player and are they still having those in the UK ?
[13:32] cruciform: haven't played since plague; I mostly played live - casinos have reopened, and they've got plastic screens between players...
[13:32] dorion: one of my contacts in Panama is building an app for casinos to run in person games w/o chips.
[13:33] cruciform: lol
[13:33] dorion: not exactly how much it helps if still using physical cards, lol.
[13:34] dorion: not exactly sure*
[13:34] cruciform: poker chips are notoriously filthy; never stopped punters eating with bare hands in between handling em
[13:34] dorion: true.
[13:35] cruciform: don't think I've ever seen a poker player complain about filth/degenerate playing conditions
[13:35] cruciform: degenerate people, on the other hand
[13:36] dorion: yeah, the wrong people fuck up a game in the right place more often than the place fucks up a game with the right people.
[13:36] cruciform: ^
[13:37] cruciform: the place is virtually never the problem
[13:37] dorion: jfw, if you didn't see :
[13:37] cruciform: I'd best get back to work - I'm not always on IRC, but you can ping me at YH anytime
[13:40] dorion: cruciform, regarding the Faraday cage. We have designed and implemented one for our own use. If we were to design/implement one for you, we'd have to know more details about where it would sit. e.g. is there a door/entry big enough for it to pass in one piece ? or does it have to be disassembled.
[13:41] dorion: then factor in the shipping costs. e.g. it could be more economical to outsource the construction to a local metal shop.
[13:42] cruciform: gotcha
[13:42] cruciform is afk
[13:42] dorion: sounds good cruciform. we'll follow up further on the yh article and get you the contract for review.

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