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In the autumn of 2016,(i) just over three years ago, I made the strategic decision to see to it that my computers were to either work for me or else not work at all -- and preferably the first, seeing as how I'm rather fond of them. Knowing that this would be a long road, I further hoped to gain recognition, trust and perhaps even a livelihood for myself and associates on the basis of the knowledge and tools I would have to build on the quest.

I fear I have blundered in keeping too private, not working the blogging muscle or engaging with those I see as the leaders in the field, and other fields for that matter; namely, Bitcoin, The Most Serene Republic of ~. Even as I've sprinted and pulled well ahead of the crowd in matters of digital hygiene, this has come to some degree at the cost of not building the kind of relationships that could make the work sustainable, meaningful and useful beyond the walls of my own household. The causes of my complacency are a topic for another time, but for now I will curse my own stupidity and humbly ask for help to expose and correct my mistakes. If I have missed the steamboat, whether by youth, insufficiently exceptional intelligence, or accursed stupidity, then I will sail, or row, or swim if I have to.

On the business front, it's been a three-year income drought featuring multiple instances of hopes(ii) being raised then dashed to bits against the rocks. It was about the last chance I was willing to extend the project before depletion of reserves would force my hand entirely, but I can cautiously report that things are looking up as we(iii) have refined our offering into something we can realistically deliver now, identified potential clients who recognize they need it through the personal network, and closed deals. The upcoming months will be critical.

I recognize this is all a bit vague so far. I had in mind to illustrate my approach to computing by way of recounting my adventures in getting this blog online; or introduce some of the tech I've been working on; or discuss my status in considering submission to Diana Coman's mentorship if I can get it.(iv) I will still do these, but it's getting late and the muse has left my fingertips for now, so rather than agonizing (as has often been my experience with writing) or pursuing a false god of perfection that only serves to keep me useless, I will err on the side of publishing something rather than nothing and let the blog unfurl in time.

  1. I still try to think in terms of the Northern temperate seasons I grew up with, though here on the Pacific coast of Panama there's just the December through April of hot-and-mostly-sunny known as "verano" and the rest hot, humid and sometimes rainy. [^]
  2. Fortunately not skulls. [^]
  3. Robinson Dorion and I [^]
  4. Going on three weeks now, yikes. [^]

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