Early history of me, part 1

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A principal authority in my early years, until somewhere around age 14, through the natural channel of parental involvement, was the American self-styled philosopher and statesman Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) and his organization.(i)

They used various names for different branches of their efforts, from the ever so Soviet sounding "National Caucus of Labor Committees" for the activist core, to the "Schiller Institute"(ii) for larger philosophical, artistic and political outreach. It was a high-pressure environment for members, with promises of immanent collapse of the global monetary-financial system on the one hand, and a new renaissance uplifting the world from poverty and realizing the glorious potential of mankind on the other. Once committed, one was expected to give everything one had, and then some, to the cause. It was effective at least in terms of putting out vast volumes of printed material, attracting a sizable audience, running numerous election campaigns (though not especially successful), and keeping the operation more-or-less afloat for decades.

At least to my young self, the man was impressive in speech as in writing. He hailed from an earlier era, before the generations raised by television with 45-second attention span, could hold forth for hours on a wide range of topics with deep vocabulary and historical knowledge, and would expect you to keep up.

To be continued(iii)

  1. The "attempt to predicate the meaning on an authority predicated on the meaning" description would seem to fit. [^]
  2. After 18th century German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller. [^]
  3. As before, I'm on a daily deadline in order to keep the pen moving. [^]


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  2. > Lyndon LaRouche

    What an endless repository of saucy weirdos this "left" thing has become since their set won the intersocialism war! Almost enough to equal the previous ("right", I suppose ?) ~same dump.

    It seems the one useful conclusion to be had from the vast pile of mindbending nonsense intel amassed on the topic is the incredible porosity of the supposed USG. Those idiots appear to have built such a shitboard outhouse as is entirely ready to fall over in the lightest wind, be it blown by Hubbard, LaRouche or pretty much anyone else, on a shoestring budget, with a barely functional, intermittent CNS. It doth indeed seem that, as a forinstance, the only reason the "ply a buncha Cali street urchins / farm runaways with drugs and ramble on about black cock" maniac (Manson or whatever it was) didn't retrieve/alter fbi paperwork at will is simply that he couldn't sit still for long enough to figure out he wanted to (but scientology did, and so did ; and this clownish outfit actually broke the iran-contra affair, and so on). That anyone still takes "the government" seriously, given its history of hysterically inept failure on one side and complete crackwhore buttslut antics on the other side is arguably even more shocking than the depth and consistency of the historically available weirdo pile. For my part I'm having ever more trouble as time goes by conceptualizing the USG as anything besides a million jobsworths swarming around a dubious nucleus of what the moments' cults had most colorful to offer. How is this nonsense supposed to ever do anything worth the mention again ?! What with ?! How ?!

    Comment by Mircea Popescu — 2019-12-09 @ 08:50

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