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Day changed to 2023-12-05
[17:55] jfw: feeling much hate for Apple right now. not only do they make it ridiculously hard to transfer files, but photos somehow "aren't files", or if you manage to extract them, they might be in some useless made-up "HEIC" format; then videos received from a friend's phone, while labeled innocently as .MOV files, nonetheless won't play because they're in some useless made-up "hvc1" codec, not even the
[17:55] jfw: h.264 that apple themselves were pushing before.
[17:56] jfw: then whatsapp is another level, I'm supposed to export chats by hand one at a time or something.
Day changed to 2023-12-06
[01:15] whaack: jfw: can we do an afternoon session tomorrow? I'm no further along and than I was a week ago. Having trouble to find motivation to sit down and do the work given that even after a bit of typing my hands are usually pretty sore. In any case I plan to try to get as much done early morning as I can
[02:59] jfw: whaack: I could do a 4pm panama / 21 utc
[16:00] whaack: hitting a hiccup immediately.. i cant find where the gports dir is for intalling tmux
[16:07] jfw: whaack: in the gales repository extracted from the release tarball
[16:10] whaack: ok it was only on my usb stick
[16:10] whaack: now i get the error 'missing source X'
[16:11] whaack: i havent set up the config file either, idk where the example one is
[16:11] whaack: referring to /etc/gbuild.conf (example provided).
[16:18] jfw: example config files are in /etc/examples
[16:19] jfw: sources are drawn from /gales/dist/src so sounds like you need to restore those from the backup too.
[16:43] whaack: ok so to build tmux i have to build all the other dependencies first, right?
[17:07] jfw: right
[17:08] jfw: build and install
Day changed to 2023-12-08
[18:31] jfw: ahoy xissburg, how's it going?
[19:42] xissburg: jfw: hey long time no see
[19:49] jfw: hey, welcome back
[19:50] xissburg: I'm going to a trackday this sunday. Anyone wanna come?
[19:51] jfw: to spectate? totally, I've never been
[19:51] xissburg: yeah we can go around for a few laps
[19:52] jfw: no crashing allowed unless I'm driving though
[19:54] xissburg: and as long I'm not a passenger
[19:54] xissburg: unless you're not going fast you gotta practice in a simulator first
[19:55] jfw: wait, what? crashing is OK if you ARE a passenger? :D
[19:56] xissburg: ugh I'm not very good with boolean operations
[19:56] jfw: haha
[19:56] xissburg: you should be fine if you're driving an easy car
[19:57] xissburg: such as automatic transmission with electronic assists... otherwise you gotta know a bit of vehicle dynamics
[19:57] jfw: well I don't own a car here, left the lambo somewhere in the maine woods, so not sure how that works? is there something for rent?
[19:58] xissburg: I don't think so
[19:59] xissburg: I'd let you drive mine if I could trust you
[19:59] xissburg: but I don't xD
[20:00] jfw: I mean, I think I'm a good driver as civilians go but I wouldn't trust me either in that context
[20:00] jfw: so like I said, to spectate.
[20:02] xissburg: you gotta know how to heel and toe/rev match and beware of/know how to react to things like lift off oversteer
[20:05] jfw: I've enjoyed sliding around in the snow, but never got the hang of heel & toe
[20:08] xissburg: I've never driven in the snow, must be fun and sketchy
[20:09] xissburg: I think what really helps is understanding the mechanics of a manual transmission. the clutch, gearbox and synchromesh
[20:12] jfw: I think I got that down theoretically; rev matching is about minimizing the slip on those friction parts, would you say?
[20:15] jfw: and thus potentially elevated torques on the drive train / drive wheels
[20:17] xissburg: yeah you want to have the clutch disc and flywheel to be nearly at the same angular speed when they engage
[20:19] jfw: which is easy enough to feel as whether the shift is smooth or rough. I still sometimes find it difficult, timing it right with respect to RPMs, like shooting a moving target
[20:19] xissburg: the speed of the clutch disc goes down when you shift up and goes up when you shift down, due to the different gear ratios
[20:20] xissburg: it doesn't have to be perfect to not upset the car, it just needs to be close enough
[20:20] jfw: so heel-toe is when you're braking but still need to give the throttle a blip in order to downshift?
[20:21] xissburg: yes
[20:26] jfw: yeah I still let the synchro do the work there
[20:30] xissburg: I think regular cars generally do not suffer much from a lack of rev matching, because the RPMs drop more more slowly due to the engine have more inertia I guess (heavier flywheel and such for smoother operation)
[20:31] xissburg: also when you're driving at regular speeds the RPM doesn't change much
[20:32] jfw: makes sense
[20:33] jfw: how's the game dev coming along or what else are you up to lately?
[20:33] xissburg: in a sports car if you downshift and engage the clutch without rev matching, the flywheel will meet the clutch disc which is rotating at a higher speed, which will force the engine to spin faster and that comes with great resistance that is sent back towards the wheel through the drivetrain
[20:34] xissburg: that will cause a braking effect on the wheels, which in the case of a RWD car may lead to oversteer and possibly a spin
[20:34] jfw: right
[20:34] xissburg: it's particularly bad during braking due to weight transfer towards the front which makes the rear more unstable/vulnerable
Day changed to 2023-12-11
[21:48] jfw: ahoy sstacksyrc
[23:26] jfw: whaack, any update on your schedule for this week? is friday still looking best?
Day changed to 2023-12-13
[01:37] jfw: whaack, I'll assume you're out traveling tomorrow as planned.
[03:33] jfw: whaack: for starters you'll need the following gports installed, to build the programs for accessing the thinkpad ROM (flashrom) and FG CPLD (xc3sprog): cmake, libusb, pciutils.
Day changed to 2023-12-15
[14:57] jfw: whaack, I'm on if you can meet today
[14:58] jfw: no new outline this time but I updated the last one with more detail, especially a working flashrom build command.
[15:01] jfw: we'll save xc3sprog for next time for JTAG stuff; I still want to properly fix its build so it doesn't need the horrid manual-intervention hacks I resorted to last time around.
[15:01] jfw: and by "fix" I most likely mean get rid of that damned CMake
Day changed to 2023-12-17
[06:18] jfw: I've fixed up xc3sprog so it now builds fine on Gales, no longer requiring either CMake or an external libftdi. In the course of testing, I discovered the libusb gport was broken, so fixed that too (missed one of the required .o files when writing its Makefile to replace automake, years ago).
[06:31] jfw: trying to think how to categorize the xc3sprog code. is it a thing for FPGAs? mostly but perhaps not exclusively. is it a JTAG application? yes, but that's the means rather than the end. it's for programming in the sense of writing data to chips - but arguably that applies to anything that writes data to a storage device. so I'm thinking its category most generally is "hw" - things for working
[06:31] jfw: with hardware as such.
[06:32] jfw: and so we have:
Day changed to 2023-12-19
[23:32] whaack: jfw: hey, confirming i'll be there tomorrow in the am
Day changed to 2023-12-20
[00:07] jfw: whaack: ok
[15:49] whaack:
[17:05] jfw: that was - the "lspci -nn" output on whaack's thinkpad which flashrom was complaining about being "unsupported".
[17:06] jfw: and mine, almost but not quite identical.
Day changed to 2023-12-28
[19:27] jfw: gah - just realized that paste links posted here aren't getting archived, since the switch from to, because the latter is filtered out as "own/trusted domain, doesn't need archiving"
[19:29] jfw: meanwhile local power outages knocked out my browser tab with this one loaded, and it expired from the pastebin
[19:29] sourcerer: 2023-12-20 17:05:14 (#jwrd) jfw: that was - the "lspci -nn" output on whaack's thinkpad which flashrom was complaining about being "unsupported".
[19:30] jfw: whaack, would you mind redoing a paste of the "lspci -nn" please? and sorry for the trouble.
[19:33] jfw: mine again.
[19:36] jfw: I've stopped filtering out my own domain for now, since it doesn't have a finer-grained mechanism. I guess it'll really be necessary only if/when there's a web view of archived pages, to break the cycle

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