Two patches and a new fetch-bitcoind release

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Before getting into the deeper code study this week, I had made some more basic changes which are suitable for production use, and updated fetch-bitcoind, the code download script, to reflect them, marking a new release of JWRD's reference Bitcoin node implementation.

The first is a simple correction of my prior getblockindex addition to restore the missing newline in the modified log message. It replaces the prior patch.

The second continues my work to detach from the infrastructure of a bygone era and take full responsibility for distribution of the code, by removing the "online build" feature from the Makefiles, which relied on the deedbot web server and mod6's GPG key to download and verify dependency tarballs, functions now covered by fetch-bitcoind. It also upgrades the hashes used for verification of the same tarballs from SHA512 to Keccak. Somehow it slipped my mind (until discovered in testing) that this would break fetch-bitcoind, since it relied on those hashes and the ubiquity of the sha512sum utility. So with some further hacking I've shored up the script to bootstrap by building its own keksum binary to use for all further hash verification. Thus, it now does require a working compiler to run, but no longer requires sha512sum at all and provides stronger V patch output verification on systems lacking a preinstalled keksum.

The individual patches:

Patch Seals Tree
bitcoin_getblockindex_etc_corrected.vpatch jfw Browse
bitcoin_drop_online_build.vpatch jfw Browse

And the updated downloader (as usual, if you've run it before then the new one can be run on the same build environment directory to bring it up to speed) : ; signature.

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