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Day changed to 2022-09-13
[21:28] jfw: In Linux kernel config tuning annoyances, the meaning of the various NLS & codepage options pertaining to VFAT/MSDOS filesystems is quite unclear to me from the documentation. In particular, I'm finding that nls_ascii seems quite useless, you can't actually mount a fat32 filesystem without one of the cp* modules such as cp437 enabled. what happens if a filename contains characters outside the
[21:28] jfw: magic codepage in either case is anyone's guess.
[21:31] jfw: the error I get comes from which seems symptomatic of an "everybody wants codepages" assumption.
[21:32] jfw: you can do "mount -o codepage=N" for integer N but not codepage=ascii.
[21:49] jfw: with that fixed, mounting fat32 flash drives and formatting them with busybox mkfs.vfat seems to be working fine on Gales.
[21:49] jfw: SD cards too, via the thinkpad x200 card reader.
[21:52] jfw: otherwise, on Friday I got back to the Florida home base after a pleasant 2 week vacation in my usual Maine spots.
Day changed to 2022-09-14
[05:44] jfw: apropos of those storage formatting observations, I've discovered a 16 GB PNY microSDHC card has failed dramatically, after a mere ~17 months of use in a car music player i.e. supposedly a read-mostly load.
[05:46] jfw: bit flips on readback of just about every file/track, and I/O errors in the kernel log when attempting to rewrite it from linux.
[05:47] jfw: for its replacement I'm trying a move up-market to a "Samsung PRO Endurance" at around double the price point per GB.
[18:06] jfw: << what's most remarkable about this to me is the silent failure (actually it manifested as skipping & stuttering in the audio), the apparent total lack of error detection by the SD controller, even a basic CRC. or if it did detect errors, all the higher layers failed to transmit that information to the user.
[18:06] sourcerer: 2022-09-14 05:46:06 (#jwrd) jfw: bit flips on readback of just about every file/track, and I/O errors in the kernel log when attempting to rewrite it from linux.
[18:17] jfw: and I get that they pack more GBs into tiny and cheap cards at the expense of reliability by using multi-level cells among whatever other tricks - but really, literally hundreds of bit errors and not a single one meaningfully detected? it just shows such an utter contempt for the user^Wsucker's data integrity. fool me once, shame on you.
Day changed to 2022-09-22
[18:23] caai: jfw: just stopping by to let you know that I still have have the build on my agenda. as you know, I started taking IS courses and they have taken up more of my time than I expected. The good news is that I am learning a lot about Linux and DBMS.
[18:29] caai: i am certain that i am absorbing the information taught in these IS courses quick effectively because of the Operator Trainings that i have received from you.
[18:30] caai: quite effectively*
[19:33] jfw: caai: thanks for the update and I'm pleased to hear it.
Day changed to 2022-09-23
[02:04] jfw: I've confirmed that via Decreto Ejecutivo No.122 de 14 de Septiembre de 2022, many of Panama's prior panicdemic related executive decrees have been repealed and with them most of the resulting restrictions, including the fresh test results & affidavit required for entry. Likewise looks like USA no longer requires testing for entry, but still vaxing for non-citizens.
[02:08] jfw: of course they will be "maintaining a permanent vigilence" and all that.
[02:09] jfw: *vigilance
[14:51] caai: That is good information to know. I look forward to travelling again in the near future with December around the corner.
[14:54] caai: sadly, i fear that society has not learned the lesson and another power overreach will happen again at the next sign of minimal danger. but, in the meantime, let the travelling recommence
Day changed to 2022-09-24
[21:58] jfw: caai: indeed; perhaps a larger lesson for us is that the power was within reach all along, and if in reach, will be used.
[21:59] jfw: aaand, fixpoint creaks back to life:
Day changed to 2022-09-25
[17:16] jfw: dorion: we've got a Tropical Storm Ian heading in my general direction; the forecast is for western Cuba to get the worst and gulf coast Florida to get high winds, but there's some chance of tropical storm force winds & flash flooding here starting Tuesday.
[17:20] jfw: so far the power here's been quite solid but internet more vulnerable.
Day changed to 2022-09-26
[14:53] dorion: jfw, ok, thanks for the update, good luck.
Day changed to 2022-09-29
[14:19] caai: jfw: how did you fare the storm yesterday? Any damage in your area?
[18:27] jfw: caai: it got quite blustery but we were largely unscathed besides maybe an hour's power outage.
[18:29] jfw: what was a drag was how prolonged it all was; I didn't sleep too well Tuesday night when the heavy winds were setting in and I didn't know what to expect.
[18:33] jfw: sounds like the Naples to Fort Meyers area (west/gulf coast south of Tampa) ended up getting the worst of it with 7 foot storm surge reported, possibly up to 12' in unspecified places.
[19:14] dorion: ahoy jfw.
[23:24] jfw: now that the many-days overcast has broken it all looks & sounds & smells unusually clean & lovely
Day changed to 2022-09-30
[22:07] caai: i am glad to hear that you came out unscathed, minus a sleepless night. i saw some footage from the west coast and it looks like there was substantial damage.

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