From the forum log, 6-18 January 2020

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From #trilema: 2020-01-06 - 2020-01-18.

BingoBoingo reported on "Madre Dios" promoters, LabMD vs. Tiversa, and Iran striking back against US hostilities in Iraq.

Lobbes was planning a Gales install then return to mp-wp logger work.

Asciilifeform's FFA series sprung back into action.

MP and BingoBoingo discussed USG politics between the military, executive and bureaucracy in the context of Iran escalations and Trump impeachment.

MP poked dorion, noting his recent silence after an initial self-imposed overload. Dorion responded in convalescence from his intense Hawaiian cruise.

Diana_coman and spyked investigated feedbot behavior in the face of a deluge of repaired trackbacks in the trilema comments feed. Spyked set himself a deadline for implementing synchronous unsubscribing.

Lulz were had from Warner Brothers, Paul Krugman, and contemplation of the Great Again arriving by way of hot war in the US. One of BingoBoingo's articles attracted some friendly hate-mail apparently from a Vancouver IP.

Trinque was busy with research for his upcoming BusyBox-centered article, and still needed to get the deedbot web view updated. Dorion noted his blog was stripping html tags and links from comments.

Diana_coman republished the current Eulora client and dependency pile, it having otherwise gone offline. Mocky set himself a date to get his portion restored.

Dorion wondered if MP's recent comment about Linux 2.6 being good enough meant bvt should backport his RNG work, and re-poked ave1 about availability for compiler work. MP and bvt figured the backport shouldn't be too hard, due to good decisions in that regard of bvt and asciilifeform. Trinque and dorion seem to be in harmony on software or more general topics, in particular having reasons for decisions and avoiding runaway complexity.

Upon full restoration of deedbot functionality, BingoBoingo proceeded with the mike_c case and MP acknowledged the ~123 BTC claim with minimal further ado, to be settled once he's off the road. He critiqued BingoBoingo's handling of the fee structure.

MP was displeased by link rot on; mod6 repaired it.

Diana_coman wondered about the rationale for detached signatures in V; MP attributed it to an unexamined(i) stand by asciilifeform.

MP reflected on the decline of the US since the 9/11 headshot.

A series of computer graphics articles by diana_coman inspired bvt to write about his formative experiences with the subject. She and MP highlight the benefits of writing vigorously since you never know what spark you might strike.

Lobbes's latest penance piece was well received. MP and diana_coman contemplated how it might have helped phf and when men or women may be too late to be fixed.

MP, lobbes and whaack explored some details of the mp-wp html selection mechanism.

Dorion did some article chasing and reporting on the OS project, and had received a positive response from font of EFI knowledge Rod Smith.

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