From the forum log, 31 December 2019 - 5 January 2020

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From #trilema: 2019-12-31 through 2020-01-05.

BingoBoingo deployed Qntra DNS service to redundant sites, until the whole fleet ran aground a few days later. Initial reporting suggested the process of propagating records between NSD instances was vulnerable to clock skew. Meanwhile, trinque woke up the deeding part of deedbot from a slumber of unclear duration, and mod6 restored his blog after October's untimely death of the all-conquering ISP in October.(i)

Diana_coman figured it wasn't the start of a new decade because the AD timeline starts at 1.

MP pointed out that seemingly impossible choices of the sort diana_coman was facing in computer graphics are how you know you're getting somewhere.

To assorted lulz with a side of rage, MP brought out a recent Reddit thread wherein a noob's bewilderment on discovering Trilema was answered by Bitcoin Power Ranger Gregory Maxwell with a pile of lies and projection. The trouble of reading with fixed codecs was contemplated, as well as the phenomenon of the inept attempting to emulate institutions they haven't understood while thinking their own superior.

Not unrelatedly, MP stumbled on a quirk of PHP, ascribing it to mental failings of the language's originators.(ii)

BingoBoingo offered four new public Bitcoin nodes for mod6's advertised list.

  1. Leaving Mocky as the last of the lordship still out his mouthpiece. [^]
  2. Such as for example: let's make something that looks like C, because that's popular and all, but For The Web!, fix only its most obvious failings and remain by all appearances unaware that such a thing as Lisp ever existed. [^]

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