From the forum log, 24-26 December 2019

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From #trilema: 2019-12-24, 2019-12-25, 2019-12-26.

The logs were short for this interval around "thanksgiving" (as MP joked), though entry points tempting the reader deeper into the maze of links were plentiful as ever.

MP had liked an article by whaack. He noted being confused by the lack of sidebar on articles. Whaack said he'd have a look.

Bvt furnished the links to the English versions of the rest of MP's "essences" trilogy which MP and dorion hadn't found.

Diana_coman signed and mirrored jfw's updated keksum genesis and noted he had borked the article title.

BingoBoingo was pleased to see Uruguayan leftists fighting amongst themselves.

Hanbot pointed to the toxicity of evoorhees not having clued in a younger dorion about a then-recent meetup with MP in Romania; dorion clarified.

MP asked lobbes and diana_coman to de-list the #asciilifeform channel from their log display banners, and wondered what to do about his recently-signed castle deed, lamenting the troubles of working with people. Diana_coman had been pondering what should qualify for listing anyway; MP proposed that it's better to be right than principled, drawing analogy to the old theory vs. craptice distinction.

Diana_coman answered shrysr's insistent fuck-off with a -8 WoT rating. BingoBoingo updated several of his ratings.

Trinque said that the year's events had affected him and he suffered from an environmentally-induced suppression machine.

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