From the forum log, 22-23 December 2019

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This time I'm aiming for a lighter approach to the summarizing, primarily relying on memory.

From #trilema: 2019-12-22, 2019-12-23.

MP talked about how you can't get 1960's Texas back, from all sorts of angles; and that the people then would have longed for their own perceived good old days, and so on recursively. Spanish poetry was involved. Finding happiness in a place requires reasonable expectations.

"Pichiaje" was introduced to the lexicon from the streets of Montevideo.

MP contemplated the merits of just killing all the other players in game - but then how would he sell them stuff? A buyers' internment camp was offered as a solution off-screen; he concluded that's what the US is after all.

Mocky dropped in to say hello and that he'd taken on more than he could handle with three girlfriends at once. MP wasn't buying it, demanding the pictures. Lobbes offered a visit to include settling a lunch debt.

MP went on to explain various female-centered or at least female-demanding arts - dance, theater, film, singing - as having always been a form of male competition. "Gentlemen" - the term itself meaning that they seek less bloody ways to compete than direct combat - had devised ever more elaborate feats for which to train their sluts (his general term of approval for acceptable young women), in much the same vein as horse racing.

BingoBoingo took some heat for his manner of proceeding in the emerging mike_c dispute, where he had been hired to represent mike_c's claims in the forum. Particular missteps included direct citation of text from a channel downstream in the flow of authority, and delaying in getting to the point of establishing the details and basis of the claim. He went on to rectify that by filing a deed of mike_c's last MPEx-signed account statement, seemingly revealing the assets in question to be valued around 110 BTC. There was also ongoing skeptical inquiry into his arguments presented so far, for example whether the swift payment of a large fee for a Lord's representation constituted an act of submission to the sovereignty of the Republic and its WoT-based power structure.

MP prompted dorion to learn the distinction between imminence and immanence. Dorion had read a Trilema series on essences, but not Kant.

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