Forum log not-quite-summary, 18-19 December 2019

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Thanks to my buggy, unspecified, slow implementation of half a personal scheduling algorithm - and I dunno, perhaps some degree of avoidance for reasons yet uncertain - I've repeatedly deferred the task of catching up with the Forum Log of #trilema from where I left off for holidays in December. With the idea of taking care of both this and daily blogging in one stroke, I've been assigned to write articles summarizing what I read for the day, on the usual one-hour time limit, though I'm going for two hours daily on the reading. Here's the stubby result of my first try; on the reading I had reached the end of the 21st.

End of 2019-12-18(i)

Trinque expands for jfw on what he's after in a minimal operating system, excludes building towards the purpose of supporting particular large applications, and shares his favored type of client for this sort of work and how the client's needs affect the outcome. He critiques jfw's wallet security strategy and holds him to blame for the acknowledged flaws of the inherited software in his distribution; trinque notes his self-critical nature as he had made the same choices.

In a discussion of the consequences of negrating that arose upon the reappearance of absentee investor mike_c, trinque weighs in against repossession of funds.


MP adds some wordplay to the fun he's having in morning "whorship". BingoBoingo has a tentative agreement for representing mike_c. He and MP two chat about local happenings; BingoBoingo has over two years now in Uruguay. He reports on his datacenter employment search; MP offers encouragement and likens the southern and northern Argentines (i.e. USians), their only difference in outcomes owing to the historical accident of life support from China. Strained Argentina-Uruguay relations are mentioned, then BingoBoingo's choice of venues for speaking with mike_c. BingoBoingo had two pleasant visits that month and is keen to see Northern Latino lands (presumably such as Costa Rica where MP will be returning).

  1. This part was a re-read, but included since that's where I started today. Its being addressed to me while I've not yet otherwise responded might have added some pointless awkwardness to the writing process. [^]

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